Saturday, 19 February 2011

Standard First Aid. day 1 of 2. 19/2/11.

Today, i went for the first day of a 2-day First Aid course.

I am taking it along with about 15 other fellow BOATers, as part of the BOAT programme.

It was conducted by Ms Li Lian, an instructor who had been a paramedic for many years, working 12-hour shifts daily on the front line, saving lives.

On weekdays, she attends classes after work. on weekends, she dedicates her time, from 9am-6pm, volunteering as an instructor for first aid.

Ms Li Lian taught us a lot of practical skills to be used on the scene of casualty, and shared much of her personal experience with us.

We would feel her passion for saving people as she spoke to us about how she was in an accident in her younger days, how each life matters, and even when there is not much hope left, or doctors declare it a bad case, as trained life-savers, we should still go all out into preserving the person's life.

Other than what was written in the notes given to us, she went further in depth into explaining the rational behind each and every single movement, and re-enacted it out herself, so we could have a better understanding of an actual incident happening, the risks of each movement, what should be done, and possible outcomes.

Much of her sharings would never have been spoken about by other trainers, even if they had first-hand experience. Many BOATers and i felt it was essential and puts us at a great advantage above other first-aid trained people.

This is especially so, as we would be taking on various physical challenges, inevitable risks, and unmediated danger in the course of our BOAT programme.

Today was a great learning experience, and tomorrow, we would be taking both a theory and a practical test.

At the end of this course, those who passed will be issued a card which certifies us as being trained in first-aid. It is valid for 3 years.


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