Thursday, 31 March 2011

Safety Briefing & Packing for Camp 1

we were briefed on what to and what not to do during our camp in Pulau Ubin.
eg. always go in groups, if lost, stay and blow your whistle.

group equipment like tents, indian pots, ladles, knives, were also distributed among us, to be brought to camp.

food was also distributed, and instructions were given on how to keep them fresh, without spoilage, how to properly wrap perishables, etc.


Sunday, 27 March 2011

Camp Craft 2 and Outdoor Cooking

today, we learnt how to set up a basha using 2 tapac sheets, and improvising with cords.

we also learnt the proper way to set the different stoves, etc.

for lunch, we did our outdoor cooking, with 3 groups cooking noodles/kuay tiao, and my group cooking bolognaise risotto rice and ABC soup.

after ending at around 3pm, some of us headed to Camper's Corner to buy hiking bags and shoes.

our photographer and outdoor adventure enthusiast helped each of us with fittings, weights, etc, and helped us make wise choices in our buys.
thank you for being so kind!

we went for dinner together, and all took the train home.


Thursday, 24 March 2011

PT 2 & Ropework 2

B.O.A.T training starts at 8pm, and ends at 10pm on thursdays.

today, Onion Rings, the food group i'm in decided to meet an hour earlier to buy ingredients necessary for our food dishes for the outdoor cooking competition on sunday.

for PT, we climbed a 40-storey building 3 times, with a 5kg load.

my bag was about 4.3kg, just short by 700g.

after climbing 40 storeys a few times, i'm more or less used to the turning and altitude by now. however, with a bag, there was a new challenge.

during the second round, around the 7th floor, my back felt like it was on fire. i had to switch methods of carrying my haversack many times to cool down my back.

for ropework, we learnt how to tie a clove hitch, and the 'short-cut' method too.

i have also officially received my certification card from Raffles Medical for Standard First Aid today.


Saturday, 19 March 2011

Camp Craft.

we learnt about camp craft today.

how to pick the correct campsite, separating the various camp 'departments' (kitchen, sleeping, toilet), what to pack, what's in a survival kit, first-aid kit, how to pack, what kind of hiking equipments, etc.


Thursday, 17 March 2011

Food Planning & Logistics Planning

today, i met up with 4 other BOATers earlier to do our own PT. we completed 2 sets of 40-stories.

at BOAT, we learnt how to do proper food & logistics planning, preparation work, job of an i/c, delegating who to do what, planning within a tight budget, and making our food survive the trek in the most efficient and least energy-consuming way.

i was made logistics i/c, and we decided to cook spaghetti and ABC soup for the outdoor cooking competition on the 27th.

i still cannot access the Yahoo group for BOAT.


Sunday, 13 March 2011

Navigation practical 2. 13/3/11.

we were split into groups, each given a map, empty route cards, 2 compasses, etc.

the task:

out of 4 checkpoints, go to at least 3, including the farthest, compulsory ones, and be back at checkpoint 1 by 1pm, to trade maps with another group, and follow their route to each check point.

our result:

we went to 3 checkpoints, except the compulsory one, lost our main map and sketches of the checkpoints, did not trade maps with anyone or start on the alternate routes, made it back to base by 3.30pm.

and we all turned into 'lobsters'

even my eyes are sunburnt.

it was fun.


Thursday, 10 March 2011

Physical Training 1

today's B.O.A.T was on topography, and physical training.

we learnt how to read a topographical map, contour lines, identify ridges, valleys, steep/gentle slopes, etc.

we also learnt how to "unlose" yourself, by either aiming off, triangular point, or backbearing.

after trading maps, setting off, and following each others' routes, we gave both positive and negative feedback.

physical training was to climb 40 stories, twice.

my group overshot the timing, and went to climb 2.5 rounds in the cc instead.


Thursday, 3 March 2011

Navigation 1. 3/3/11.

first theory session for B.O.A.T.

we had navigation. we were taught how to use certain kind of compass, directional arrow, north arrow, destination arrow.
we learnt the proper way to aim the compass, hold it, position it, moving the map, etc.

each of us formed groups of 4-6, and started trying to map our way around Toa Payoh.

there were 2 checkpoints only, so it was actually really short.

however, each of us had a different role to play.

one person would fill up a route chart, with details of bearings from one point to the next, distance, elevation, estimated number of steps and time.

one would handle the compass, comparing it with the map, etc.

i had to sketch a map for each checkpoint from scratch, drafting out legends, major landmarks, routes, without using logos or words, as each group's maps are to be exchanged with another group's during the next navigation session.
every group had to take a different route.

our final checkpoint was the 40-story HDB flat we were going to climb for our Physical Training sessions. before we set off on our trail, we were encouraged to try, time ourselves, and better our timing as B.O.A.T goes on.

we were the second group to reach, and together with the first group, decided to climb and time ourselves.

i took the lead, and completed the strenous climb in 9 mins and 18 seconds.

at the 3rd floor, i was starting to feel my vision spin, as we were climbing in a rather narrow stairwell. by the 17th floor, i was just relying on moving in the same way for the past 15floors, and not looking where i was going anymore.

halfway through, one guy started counting down, "17 more floors! we're halfway there! 16!! 15!!"

the encouragement was tremendous, and no one gave up halfway, or even slowed. we kept to a constant pace, and our whole team took only 10 minutes and 16 seconds to scale all 40 stories.

on saturday and sunday, 'hike 1' and 'ropework 1' are scheduled. however, i will be in KL for a business meeting, and am unable to attend.