Thursday, 3 March 2011

Navigation 1. 3/3/11.

first theory session for B.O.A.T.

we had navigation. we were taught how to use certain kind of compass, directional arrow, north arrow, destination arrow.
we learnt the proper way to aim the compass, hold it, position it, moving the map, etc.

each of us formed groups of 4-6, and started trying to map our way around Toa Payoh.

there were 2 checkpoints only, so it was actually really short.

however, each of us had a different role to play.

one person would fill up a route chart, with details of bearings from one point to the next, distance, elevation, estimated number of steps and time.

one would handle the compass, comparing it with the map, etc.

i had to sketch a map for each checkpoint from scratch, drafting out legends, major landmarks, routes, without using logos or words, as each group's maps are to be exchanged with another group's during the next navigation session.
every group had to take a different route.

our final checkpoint was the 40-story HDB flat we were going to climb for our Physical Training sessions. before we set off on our trail, we were encouraged to try, time ourselves, and better our timing as B.O.A.T goes on.

we were the second group to reach, and together with the first group, decided to climb and time ourselves.

i took the lead, and completed the strenous climb in 9 mins and 18 seconds.

at the 3rd floor, i was starting to feel my vision spin, as we were climbing in a rather narrow stairwell. by the 17th floor, i was just relying on moving in the same way for the past 15floors, and not looking where i was going anymore.

halfway through, one guy started counting down, "17 more floors! we're halfway there! 16!! 15!!"

the encouragement was tremendous, and no one gave up halfway, or even slowed. we kept to a constant pace, and our whole team took only 10 minutes and 16 seconds to scale all 40 stories.

on saturday and sunday, 'hike 1' and 'ropework 1' are scheduled. however, i will be in KL for a business meeting, and am unable to attend.


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