Friday, 23 September 2011

Formula 1 Night Race 2011

i am stationed at Pit Zone's Advanced Medical Post (AMP).

DAY 1;

the first case we attended to was a call-out at the stands, a male in his 30s was "not feeling right" after drinking a cup of beer at 5pm in the sun. he was neither dizzy, nauseous, nor had a headache. however, there have been cases where people were allergic to alcohol and had bad reactions, especially when dehydrated, so we have to stay and observe him. in the end, we drove him back to our AMP in the emergency buggy and let him stay there till he got better.

our second unique case was a guy asking for panadol for tooth ache.

the day almost ended with nothing serious, except after we got the stand-down order and was packing up, we received a call out to the suites. a waitress was down with pain in her foot. turns out that she can't stand for long, bought new shoes for work the day before which we tight, and had blood circulation to her feet cut off for the whole day. the doctors diagnosed her with bilateral plantal cramps, but as it was so serious she flinched whenever we touched he legs, and could not stand on her own, we recommended her to be evacuated to the hospital, yet her mother told her to go home, so we sent her on a buggy out.

while we were tending to her, a tipsy patron jumped from second floor of the suits onto a patrol buggy as the staircase gate was closed. intoxication is to be handled by security, but we put the stretcher and neck brace on standby just in case. he landed fine.

on the way home, i lost my pass.

DAY 2;

other than giving out the usual plasters to ladies with heels, and the doctors issuing panadols (especially to staff during the afternoon sun), the day was pretty much uneventful.

DAY 3;

the Formula 1 race ended with Vettel from Red Bull winning. the moment Vettel stepped out of his car to give a victory pose, fireworks were set off. less than 100m away from my AMP was where they were launched, so my fellow first-aiders, doctors, and nurses all stood up to watch it.

BEAUTIFUL. we had the best view of all.

orders to stand-down were given at around 11pm, as the races ended early, so being issued an all-zone pass, we could walk anywhere we wanted after we were off-duty.

as we were about to head to Zone 4 Padang to catch the last half and final performance of Linkin Park, a call came in about a lady bleeding from her feet. it sounded serious so we took the emergency buggy there, but when we reached, it just turned out to be a surface wound when she ripped off her plaster too fast.

we spent the next hour drenching her foot with saline to remove the zinc oxide plaster, and rebandaging both feet for her.

by the time we ended, it was already 1am, so we took the last public transport back.

the Formula 1 Grand Prix Night Race 2011 was an enriching experience, and i would like to volunteer again next year.


Wednesday, 14 September 2011

MMA session 8

went for training early.

today, instead of the usual training, we did 3 rounds of shadow boxing.

following the match time of 5 mins, we executed multiple strikes against an imaginary opponent.

5 minutes continuous striking is a long time, and very soon, i ran out of moves in just the first round.

after that, we did a varient of sparring.

3 groups went each time, the first doing striking, second doing full-on sparring, and the third doing rolling.

i had the most fun watching the boys flail around.

the most common injury in MMA is a broken toenail. so far we've used 3 packets of tissue and plasters cleaning people's toes.



Saturday, 10 September 2011

Red Cross F1 Training

today i went for 4 hours of training in due of F1 duty at the Red Cross House at 15 Penang Lane.

for 5 years, Singapore's Red Cross Society will be providing first aid cover for the Formula 1 Grand Prix night race in Singapore. this is the 4th year.

what was covered was basically our posts, assignments, inventory, chain of command, Dos and Don'ts.

i am assigned to the Advanced Medical Post in the Pit Zone.

looking forward to the excitement on the track.


Friday, 9 September 2011

MMA session 7

This session was mainly a recap of the basics, being arm bar, triangular choke, from a close guard.

did not spend much time training, as i arrived late, and left earlier than usual to send a friend off.


Friday, 2 September 2011

MMA session 6

finally i'm back at MMA!!

after almost a month's break to concentrate on exams, i was very out of practice.

after the usual training, we had sparring, and i participated in the ground fighting segment.

i felt the after-effects of not working out for a month, and lost to my partner by an armbar after the whole round was over.

i'll be back next week with more muscles~!