Sunday, 12 June 2011

campwash 3, graduation night discussion.

today's campwash was the end of all BOAT activities before our graduation night.

the campwash was done quickly without any fuss, as everyone was already used to packing/unpacking/wiping/cleaning up the equipement, and by noon, we were all in the activity room discussing the highlights of camp 3, and any "scandals" that arose during this camp.

after lunch, representatives from the other subgroups/clubs of Toa Payoh Central Community Centre came to promote their individual activities, ask for support, volunteers, etc.

i think i may join the guitar club if time permits. after all, travelling from Marsiling to Toa Payoh can get rather inconvenient at certain times on saturdays.

after all the announcements were done, post-BOAT activities organised by us BOATers for the remaining half a year was discussed, saying that they will be open to the public, but priority will be given to TPAC members first.

we then broke into our various working teams for graduation night, and had a thorough briefing/discussion on what was going to take place.

at 6pm, my entertainment team broke into 2 groups to practice our performances for the upcoming graduation night. it will be held this saturday. after the guest leaves, we are going to have a ball of a time!


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