Thursday, 7 April 2011

PT 3 & Ropework 3

this time, the scheduled was a 6-8kg load, 4 rounds of 40stories.

i went for 7.5kg, (2.8l of water in my 50+10 Jade backpack), and managed to complete only 3 rounds.

from the first round, i could feel my dehydration catching up with me, and i had to stop and rest a few times in the next 2 rounds.

i stopped after the 3rd round, due to time constraints. it was approaching 10pm when we walked back to the CC. today was supposed to end at 10pm.

a very heartfelt thank you to those who encouraged me during the rounds, waited for me, and stayed with me throughout!

for ropework, we did a 'fisherman's knot', and a 'double fisherman's knot'.

as i am an avid angler, i enjoy tying my own rigs, and am used to the above-stated knots.

these are meant to tie 2 loose ends of string/rope together.

i normally use it to join my hook line to my main line.


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