Sunday, 10 April 2011

Risk Management

today's session was on Risk Management.

the 4 kinds of hikers, namely, the unconscious incompetent, the conscious incompetent, the unconscious competent, and the conscious competent.

how to identify "lemons", dealing with them, etc.

"lemons" include all things that may make the trip sour, eg. going off trail, monsoon season, hypothermia.

after listening to the theory, we were broken into 4 groups, and each group was given an article from the news about accidents/fatalities during previous expeditions. most articles including drowning at a waterfall, in places we would be going during our camp 3.

after identifying them, we had to suggest ways to avoid those "lemons", or how to deal with them.

the YFFs also told us about their own experiences where they encountered "lemons" due to unconscious incompetence, etc.

during our hike 3, we'll be going to bukit timah, and finding out which category of hikers we fit into, and what our "lemons" are.


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