Friday, 8 July 2011

MMA session 1

this was the 1st official Mixed Martial Arts training session i've attended since the trial, and it was a very fun and enriching experience.

we started warmups with basic stretching before moving onto the floor exercises like rolls/crawls/sprawls/shrimps.

it was extremely embarrassing, and being only 1 of the 2 girls present, we were extremely hesitant about joining in the floor exercises.

after warming up, we each practised kicking a mit 10 times for each leg.

normally, MMA training sessions last 2 hours, 7-9pm. however, at 8.30pm, we stopped to have a sparring session, and overan till 10.30pm.

after sparring ended, most people left, but i stayed behind to do more mit training till 11pm.

i have never done 4 hours of training and still felt so fresh before.

i'm looking forward to the next training session.


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