Friday, 22 July 2011

MMA session 3

today's MMA session was a rather exciting one.

as usual, we learnt more holds, and how to break our falls using our arms.

the holds were a little too awkward for the other 2 girls and i to do, so we skipped out on those, and practiced the breaks more.

after trying many times, we only got it after someone threw us down.

a rather scary yet effective way to learn.

at this MMA session, i had to apply standard first-aid onto a fellow trainee.

as boys will always be boys, they were fooling around the impact-absorbing mat, and decided to do double chokeslams onto each other.

the person who wanted to be chokeslammed was a scrawny year 1, with weak arteries.

halfway during the chokeslam, the pressure in his brain was too high and he blacked out. about 30cm before he hit the mat, his nasal artery burst and started spewing blood.

i immediately went to retrieve my first-aid kit and stemmed the bleeding.

he was fine and conscious, and the bleeding stopped after about 2 minutes 35 seconds.

i cleaned the cut with an alcohol pad and sealed it with a plaster.

less than 15 minutes after that, he was up and wanting to train again.

i have not seen such enthusiasm for training before, and it made me want to master the holds and chokes we learnt in the previous sessions.

during this incident, the vice-president of our club came up to me and appointed me as the club first-aider. so i no longer have to pay fees, and i get an errand boy to buy whatever i need in the first-aid box for the club.

xD~! MMA is fun!


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