Thursday, 19 May 2011

Graduation Night briefing & Camp 3 discussion

instead of the usual PT on thursday nights, we had a briefing from a "phantom" YFF about our graduation night.

as usual, we split into 5 groups;

Entertainment, for which i was the co-i/c

and Team OPSHH ( a special group going around sabotaging people, releasing all the gossip news about 15th BOAT from start till end)

we started 15th BOAT with a camp, and so we shall end it with a camp.

our graduation will be held overnight in TPYC CC, and shall be organised the same way as all other camps.

for camp 3 discussion, my food team and i settled most of the menu, what to bring, how much, who to make what.

this is the menu for our 3D3N camp, which i will be using as my qualifying venture;

3 June (Fri)
Running Lunch : Dumpling/handroll/riceball?
Dinner : Creamy soup with rice
4 June (Sat)
1st Breakfast in early morning : Cereal and Milo
2nd Breakfast at summit : Mashed potato and French loaf (need bring cooking tool up)
Running Lunch : Motivational food (while descending)
Lunch : Porridge
Dinner : Claypot rice and seaweed soup
Supper : Chengteng
5 June (Sun)
Breakfast : Mee Hoon Kway
Lunch : Mee Siam?

i was also appointed the 2nd i/c, taking charge of the food team if the first i/c too busy or not around to settle the issue on the spot... and help i/c to take down notes and details.

we will confirm the menu by hike 4, and buy the food the following saturday (28 may)


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