Sunday, 15 May 2011

Overseas Expedition Planning

today's session was on how to plan overseas expeditions.

we started with one of our YFFs teaching us the theory segment, and defining an expedition.

he also emphasized on the difference between an organiser, and a participant.
eg. organiser: safety, challenge, fun. participant: fun, challenge, safety.

after going through the important points (eg. what is insurance. not just buying insurance, being alert, but also about transport booking, contingency plans, campsite availability), we went through the second part of the session.

we were split into 4 different groups, and each group was assigned a place to plan an expedition for. after the end of this 15th BOAT program, we will use that expedition plan, and organise those expeditions.

the expeditions were as follows;
1.) Pelapah Waterfall (planned: 2D1N leisure trip, camp at summit)
2.) Gunung Datuk (planned: 2D2N leisure trip, campsite close to summit)
3.) Mt Ophir (planned: 3D2N exploration trip, camp at summit)
4.) Gunung Belumut (planned: 3D2N photography-leisure trip, camp at summit)

after seeing how each group planned the expeditions, i would like to go for all except the photography trip.


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