Thursday, 5 May 2011


instead of the usual physical training, this week we had a yoga session instead.

our YFFs invited a yoga teacher, who happenes to be an ex-BOATer from 14th BOAT, to lead this session.

we practiced how to control our breathing, relax certain muscles, stretch individual necessary muscles needed to carry out our trek, and improve our posture while trekking.

among poses covered were the "mountain' pose, which improved our grip and balance needed to keep a strong foot-hold on rocks, the "warrior" poses, which strengthens the leg muscles to prevent joint/knee injuries while climbing, and "bow" poses, which strengthens the back, to prevent spinal injuries while carrying out heavy loaded backpacks.

the instructor also help us spot our individual "weak spots", and improve on it.

mine was the knees and upper thigh muscles, so she helped me modify the "warrior" pose 2, to focus more on the muscles directly above the knees, and improve flexibility of the inner groin muscles.

after the 2-hour yoga session, i could feel my stiff muscles relax, and my joints felt more flexible. i also became more aware of my posture while lifting a 16kg load to climb vertical cliff surfaces.


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